Prices GP treatments
Consultation with a general practitioner (GP)155
Consultation with specialist204
Individual patient contact / counseling by a nurse / medical secretary56
Additional fee for taking blood samples and other specimens54
Fee for a referral, sick leave documentation, etc. You pick it up yourself after a telephone conversation with the doctor65
Pregnant (pregnancy related ailments)No fee
Suspicion of a sexual transmitted disease No fee
Children under the age of 16No fee
Print journal85
Additional fee for gynecological examination60
Spirometry, ECG, rectoscopy, small abrasions etc.90
Minor surgical procedures127
Major surgery, major abrasions etc.171
Additional fee for special material, medicines, contraceptive coil etc.Based on cost
Glucose test127
Blood typing350
Pregnancy test35
Ear cleansing equipment (individual patient contact 54NOK is additional)60
Handling fee for shipment of prescription, referral, sick leave documentation etc. by post at the request of patient. Invoice fee is additional65
Appointment cancelled later than 24 hours before or “no show”154 general practitioners, 249 specialists
Invoice billing administration fee58
Health certificate at the request of patient (ex: driver's license and diving)The price can vary between 350NOK to over 1000NOK, dep. on time spent. In addition to other fees such as blood tests, ECG etc.
Health certificate and facilitating examination documentationIncluded in your consultation with a general practitioner / specialist