Your change of regular GP is valid from the first of the month.

If you registered with one of our GP’s just recently, you need to bring a confirmation to your first doctor’s appointment. This is because the update from HELFO may be delayed. The confirmation can be the letter you received from HELFO about your change of regular GP, or you could print the page “Min Fastlege” (“My regular GP”) at HELFO.

  • Find your GP and log on to My page

    When you’ve found the GP you want to register with and made sure the GP has vacancies, you are ready to start the process. Log on to My page, or create a profile if you haven’t visited this page before.

  • Inform HELFO

    Click on the button below. You will be redirected to My page where you can notify HELFO (The Norwegian Health Economics Administration) that you are a student and that you want a regular GP with SiO. Once your message to HELFO has been sent, your will receive a confirmation e-mail.

  • Log in to HELFO

    The GP change happens at

    Select “Oslo” as county and “Nordre Aker” as district.

    Click below to see an overview of our GPs and their availability. Read more about our GPs here