Here you’ll find instructions for starting an association. The process looks extensive but remember you are welcome to contact us whenever you need help. We can even provide you with your own association consultant.

A student association is a collaboration of students doing something on a volunteer basis. More than 450 different associations are registered at SiO. Before you start up your own association, you should check our association overview to find out if an equivalent association already exists.

If you are a small group of people with a common interest or goal, you can start your own association. Begin by agreeing on what the association should be about and what it should be called.

Having an interest or being enthusiastic about something, and wanting to work with it in a more organised way, is a great starting point for an association.  

If you would like to start an association at UiO or OsloMet you must read the regulations for registering a student association at these institutions.

For students at UiO
For students at OsloMet

Talk with people, put up posters where potential members can spot them, use social media – and announce that you are starting an association. Remember to say where and when your foundation meeting will take place.

A foundation meeting is the first step to get the association up and running. This is where you talk about what the association will focus on, who it will be for, and which laws or statutes you should have. At the meeting you will adopt those laws you agree upon. You will also have to choose a board at your foundation meeting. One of the participants has to be responsible for writing a thorough report, which those of you who constitutes the board will sign at the end.  

Tip: Prepare a proposal for statutes, budget and board, which needs to be elected before the meeting. This will make it a lot easier to get through the meeting schedule.

Once the association is formally set up and the statutes are in place it is time to register your association at SiO. You can do this by filling out the form at 'My Association'. Once we approve the association, it will be posted in the list of associations, which is the official overview of all student associations in Oslo. If your association is with UiO or OsloMet, it is important that you understand the regulations for student associations of your institution, as there are certain requirements you must fulfil. Remember that you can contact us if you get stuck!  

Once the association is registered you can apply for funding at the board of Cultural Affairs, take different courses, use our meeting rooms and rent premises at the institution you belong to.

It's important to register at the Brønnøysund Register Centre in order to get an organisation number, which allows you to open a bank account for your association. Click here to be guided through the whole process.

Once your association is registered at My Association you may apply for funding at the board of Cultural Affairs. The application is sent from your profile at My Association. On the board of Cultural Affairs' application generator you will receive step-by-step guidance on the process. Remember that the board of Cultural Affairs is very helpful towards new associations so it's wise to mention that you have just set up.

Tip: We offer guidance sessions for those of you applying to the board of Cultural Affairs. If you are applying for the first time, it's a good idea to book a guidance session with us.  

You can also apply for funding from other places such as Frifond, Sparebankstiftelsene or local support from the institutions.

If you think it seems difficult to start an association, remember that you are welcome to contact us anytime. We are here to help, and will even provide you with your very own association consultant for the startup process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!